I am (very) happy to announce that I will be giving lectures on a tour to Egypt on October 16-29, 2020.  It’s not too early to start planning!  On the contrary: the trip hasn’t been seriously advertised yet, and already four people have signed up!

The trip is sponsored by the University of North Carolina General Alumni Association, BUT — big point here! — you do not need to be an alumna/alumnus to come.   It’s going to be a terrific trip.  The final brochure is not ready yet, but you can get the itinerary already from the company putting it on, Orbridge, at: https://orbridge.com/grp_departures/overview/partner_unc_egypt_2020  (Highlights below)

It’s spectacular.  I’ve done a number of these sites before (Cairo, Pyramids, Luxor, Valley of the Kingd, Karnak Temple, and on and on), BUT, this time we’re doing something I’ve never done before and always wanted to:  a four-day cruise down the Nile.  How good can it get???

If you want to get more info, call the UNC Alumni office at 877.962.3980, and/or check out their travel website.

Hear are a few of the highlights of the tour, from the Orbridge initial announcement.

  • Enjoy two full days exploring Cairo, visiting the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and Khan El-Khalili bazaar.
  • In Luxor, view the Karnak Temple Complex—one of the largest religious buildings in the world, which includes contributions from approximately 30 pharaohs over thousands of years.
  • Travel beside the Nile to Abydos to marvel at the colorful carvings in the Temple of Seti I and view the Abydos King List, which was instrumental to understanding Ancient Egyptian history.
  • On the west bank of Luxor, visit the Valley of the Kings and Nobles, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon.
  • Embark in Esna aboard a private dahabiya—a traditional Egyptian sailing vessel—for four nights on the Nile River.
  • Sail to the Nile’s Elephantine and Soheil Islands and explore their sacred temples and traditional Nubian villages.

If you have any questions for me about it that are general in nature, go ahead and just make a comment here.  If you have a personal question of anything (e.g., my shoe size or preferred single malt), feel free to drop me a note at [email protected]