Reminder!  This Saturday, September 18, I will be giving a lecture with Q&A on the book of Revelation; I’m calling it “Expecting Armageddon: What the Book of Revelation Reveals.”  Wanna come?

The event is a fundraiser (not for the blog, but) for my Department of Religious Studies, which is trying very hard to sustain its work in training graduate students.  My own students are becoming experts in the kinds of things I do, engaging in serious research in the study of the New Testament and the history of early Christianity, teaching important aspects of the field to undergraduate students, and communicating broadly this kind of knowledge to broader audiences in the population at large.

It is very important work, not just for the graduate students themselves but for the people they do and will teach and reach, as we try to keep the public educated in what we actually know based on scholarship on these issues of broad importance.  But we are having trouble providing students with the funds they need to complete their training.

And so we will be asking, but not requiring, donations for participation in the lecture.  If you believe in the kind of things I do, donations will help other bright, interesting, and devoted students become qualified to do them as well.

So if you can come, come!  If you can donate, donate!   Learn what experts in the book of Revelation say about this most mysterious and most misunderstood book of the entire Bible!

Here is the link to click for information about how to join us:

Inside this link will be instructions about how do make your donation.   I hope you can join us!