This post is a brief hiatus to say that if you’re getting tired of all this talk about methods and the Gospel of John, let me know and I’ll go on to something else.   I haven’t heard any complaints, so I’ll keep going till I do!  I realize these posts may not be the sexiest things to come across the blog, but sometimes it is good to deal with lots of substance as well as / in addition to the human interest stories. I suppose we need both!

In any event, these posts have been a boon for me, because they have allowed me to continue to contribute to the blog with less of a time commitment during a period when I have been even more crazily swamped than normal.

This past week, on Spring Break, I’ve been in London, which should in theory have been a vacation!  And I have seen two plays (a *terrific* rendition of Ibsen’s Ghosts, and my all-time favorite actor Simon Russell Beale in King Lear).  And it’s been nice seeing lots of family.  But other than that, frankly, it’s been mainly work.

Yesterday I had a two hour radio debate with Simon Gathercole on the Premier Christian radio station’s show, Unbelievable, hosted with unusual competency by Justin Brierly, on my new book – due out in 11 days, How Jesus Became God.   Simon contributed to the response book How God Became Jesus.   I can’t say anything about the content of the interview, since it will not air until after the books have appeared, and Simon and I have both agreed not to disclose the contents of the other’s book before the publication date.  What I can say is that Simon is a very fine scholar, smart (teaches at Cambridge University), and generous.  We had lots of disagreements, but a very agreeable time.  It was a nice airing of views.  The show will come out on April 1; I will see if I’m allowed to post it on the blog.

In any event, in preparation for that, I had to read the response book.  That took some time, since I wanted to read it carefully to be sure I followed the objections – the oh so many objections – to mine.  I actually don’t enjoy that part.  But it had to be done.

More than that, I’ve been preparing for my Teaching Company lectures this coming week.   I fly Stateside tomorrow, prepare for classeson Sunday, teach all day Monday, prepare for lectures on Tuesday, teach on Wednesday, head to the airport after class, fly to D.C., and then on Thursday and Friday I’m slated to give fourteen lectures.   YIKES!!!    This means, among other things, that I have to have the lectures down pat before even getting to D.C., and that’s a lot of work.

I have lots of sundry other responsibilities going on just now as well (dissertations to read; letters of recommendation to write; articles for peer reviewed journals to referee; and on and on – the life of a university professor!).   So, to return to the point, I’ve been glad that I have been able to take a break from writing up a long post every day and can re-produce some of the stuff that is already out there but that the vast majority of you on the blog have never run across before.

But as I say, if you’re totally ready for me to go on to other things, let me know.   After this coming week, things will, in any event, return to a greater sense of normalcy.   But the blog may be spotty before then.   And as always, if you have any burning questions you want me to address, do let me know.  I can’t always answer everyone’s questions, for a large variety of reasons, but your questions do help drive what I talk about.

In any event, my plan is to continue with methods for studying the Gospels in relation to John, starting with my next post (on the use of redaction criticism for John – that will take two posts, both of which strike me as pretty interesting; after that I get on to something completely different, in terms of methods: the socio-historical method).  Unless I hear a loud chorus urging me to stop!