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Lecture at Fresno City College

Here is a video of a discussion that I had on my book “How Jesus Became God” at Fresno City College, with Professor of Philosophy Wendell Stephenson, on February 18, 2016 at 7:00p.m. After our back and forth the floor was opened opened to Q&A from the audience.

News release about event: http://www.therampageonline.com/news/2016/02/23/author-of-how-jesus-became-god-draws-hundreds-to-college-auditorium-2/

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  1. Avatar
    ComputersHateAndrewLivingston  December 14, 2016

    Why do you suppose so many stories about Jesus’s resurrection involve food (and often fish in particular) despite mostly coming from independent sources? Jesus eats fish with his apostles in Luke; he eats fish with them in John 21; the road to Emmaus story has him appearing to people and dining with them (dish not specified); the Gospel of the Hebrews fragment has James fasting until Jesus returns; the feeding of the five thousand/walking on water story is deliberately linked by “Mark” to the passion and resurrection via the same series of Greek verbs.

    Ooh–I simply have to put it this way:

    Could fish be the key to everything?

    I *love* that sentence.

    Dr. Ehrman, do you suppose the original form of the resurrection story is being reflected in different ways here? And if so, what can that tell us about what that original story may have been?

    • Bart
      Bart  December 14, 2016

      My sense is that these stories want to emphasize that Jesus really was raised in the actual body that was killed and buried, and eating proves it. Why fish? I suppose because his closest followers were fishermen…

      • Avatar
        rivercrowman  December 14, 2016

        … and not potato producers.

    • SBrudney091941
      SBrudney091941  December 15, 2016

      Because Jews love Gefilte Fish and a lot of foods.

  2. Avatar
    Boltonian  December 14, 2016

    Not apropos but I have just read that the late, great Geza Vermes (one of the scholars who was responsible for my interest in this subject) gave a talk at your place of work in 2009. 1) Were you there? and 2) Was it interesting?

    On the Q&A here, I thought most of the questions were intelligent and thoughtful. What was it like from your perspective, as the protagonist, so to speak?

    • Bart
      Bart  December 14, 2016

      Yes, we had dinner together. He was a remarkable scholar, one of the very best of his entire generation.

  3. SBrudney091941
    SBrudney091941  December 14, 2016

    The sound was too poor for me to make out enough of it, especially when the mc was speaking; his nasally voice made it worse. But that must be weighed against the fact that I wear hearing aids. In the morning, when my wife is still sleeping, I remove them and put in the earphones. Usually that’s enough but not this time.

  4. Avatar
    Wilusa  December 14, 2016

    Very enjoyable! But it was hard to understand what Professor Stephenson was saying.

  5. Avatar
    Kirktrumb59  December 15, 2016

    Free (and unsolicited by you) advice: Lose the Fanta and other soft drinks, and lose fruit juices, just as bad. Loaded with sugar. Poison. Just sayin.

    • Bart
      Bart  December 15, 2016

      Yeah, I know. I never, ever drink either. It happened to be the only thing they had available.

  6. cheito
    cheito  December 18, 2016

    DR Ehrman:

    When you state that Mark 9:1 and 13:30 are the words of Jesus, that’s when you lose me and I realize that you’re deluded. I say this with all due respect.

    • Bart
      Bart  December 19, 2016

      If that’s the extent of my delusion, then I guess I’m doing pretty well!

    • SBrudney091941
      SBrudney091941  December 19, 2016

      If you have an argument, cheito, that supports your rejection of the words of these verses as genuinely belonging to Jesus, then please offer it. But to name call, using the word “delusional,” without even explaining why you’re doing THAT, only makes you seem so.

      • SBrudney091941
        SBrudney091941  December 19, 2016

        Your patience and insularity from such name-calling are truly admirable. You do a better job of it than I do–that’s for sure.

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