So, I’ve written a few posts on the question of whether Jesus was married. Short answer: I don’t think so. I’m surprised at how many people on the blog apparently do think so, and I don’t recall that anyone has actually presented any evidence for it. 🙂 But, well, maybe he was! (I should stress though, that since history is a matter of probabilities, “maybes” don’t as a rule go very far.) Anyway, some readers do think Jesus was married, and fair enough. But does it actually matter?

I have jokingly said on a number of occasions: “Not to *me*!” And that’s absolutely true, as I’ll explain later.

Some people think that it certainly would matter. For example, if Jesus was married, wouldn’t that more or less single-handedly destroy the idea that priests have to be single and celibate? That would matter! And wouldn’t it elevate the importance of women (especially one of them) in relationship to Jesus, and wouldn’t that be a good thing for women who are oppressed within the Christian tradition? And wouldn’t it mean that sexuality, human desire, and sexual activities are NOT things that can be swept under the carpet or, worse, condemned as sinful? And on a theological level (I’m not a theologian, but if I were, this is a point I would push), wouldn’t it show that the incarnation was REAL and not feigned, that Jesus really was a full flesh-and-blood human with all the passions, desires, and longings of all other humans?


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