As some of you know, I do a weekly podcast (unrelated to the blog) called “Misquoting Jesus.”   My co-host is Megan Lewis, a terrific interlocutor who is an expert on ancient history (she’s actually an Assyriologist!  And trained in classics), who asks terrific questions.  Basically, she interviews me on a different topic each week, the sorts of issues we deal with here on the blog, but in a recorded interview style.  You can get it on Youtube (to my surprise, that’s where by far most people get it) or on any podcast app.

This coming Tuesday, October 17, will be our one-year anniversary of doing the podcast, and I thought you might be interested in knowing about it.  This time rather than a back-and-forth with Megan it will be a live Q&A, with previously submitted questions by listeners.  Megan will MC it, but the questions we have selected will actually be asked by the person who proposed them.

If you’re interested, check it out live or catch it later, either on Youtube or wherever you get your podcasts.