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    godspell  January 4, 2020

    Okay, but the posts in the comments section from ‘John Loftus’ are from him, right? 😉

    • johnwloftus
      johnwloftus  January 4, 2020


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        RICHWEN90  January 4, 2020

        I’ve ordered a book of yours from Amazon, following the link you posted in a reply. You know, most Christian tracts need to be free because they are low-effort low thought products of not much value anyway. On the other hand, real scholarship needs to be rewarded.

        • johnwloftus
          johnwloftus  January 4, 2020

          Thank you! Whatever you call the scholarship in my books, they are important works containing good arguments that must be dealt with by believers, as both sides in our debates have said so.

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            dankoh  January 4, 2020

            I’ve also ordered The Case Against Miracles, from my local bookstore. This reminds me they called me yesterday to tell me it’s in!

          • johnwloftus
            johnwloftus  January 4, 2020


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          Ken2w  January 8, 2020

          Spot on. The level of scholarship from Christian writers is appallingly low in my experience. Also very difficult to read, not least because of an awful tendency to splatter their texts with exclamation marks. An awkward mixture of arrogance and anger invariably adds to the unpleasantness. Thank God for the likes of Harris, Ehrman, Hitchens, Dawkins and Barker.

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    RICHWEN90  January 4, 2020

    Maybe it’s because John Loftus began to make replies? That’s perfectly OK but that’s the only reason I can see for the error. I have to admit being a little confused myself. But, since it is not unusual for me to be confused, I drew no conclusion!

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    Trevor  January 4, 2020

    I read the post assuming it was you, then when I started reading the comments it looked like John Loftus was answering questions on it. So there was scope for confusion 🙂

  4. Barfo
    Barfo  January 4, 2020

    I assumed it was a Bart Ehrman post from the outset but slightly went off topic with my comment. When I was around 18 yeas old the church I attended was conservative Baptist and from what I understood Christians were to “evangelize.” My way of evangelizing was very subtle though. I was also told that the way you live your life is also a way evangelize. I’m not sure about that method though because I saw many Christians living a highly chaotic existence.

  5. sschullery
    sschullery  January 5, 2020

    Is the “2021” date of Bart’s initial comment in this thread a typo, or is this all some kind of in-joke? I missed whatever thread was behind it.

    Steve Schullery

    • Bart
      Bart  January 5, 2020

      Scribal corruption of the text.

      • Avatar
        tskorick  January 5, 2020

        HA! The question now is whether that’s a large enough sample size to determine if this was a different scribe than previous posts … We might need a font paleographer too, Brent?

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