I am pleased to announce that I have indeed decided to start a Podcast (NOTE: this will not be replacing the Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast; it is a completely different beast, in which I am interviewed, as opposed to the already important [!] podcast, on which volunteers read my posts to encourage listeners to join the blog).  And here, before starting, I need some assistance (see below).

But first, let me give you a few of the details.  It will be a weekly podcast, called Misquoting Jesus, with Bart Ehrman.  It will cover many of the same sorts of things we do on the blog — NT, historical Jesus, writings and life of Paul, the rest of the NT, all aspects of early Christianity such as non-canonical Gospels, the role of women, heresy and orthodoxy, Christianization of the empire, persecution and martyrdom, Jewish-Christian relations, and on and on.

We will initially release several episodes (i.e. on the first day), and after that it will be one a week.  It will always appear on a Tuesday, time TBD.  The first episodes will be available in a couple of weeks.  I’ll give you the exact dates as soon as I know.

I am very fortunate to have a first-class host who will be running the show and interviewing me, Lewis Megan, whom many of you will know already from her own podcast / YouTube channel / project, “Digital Hammurabi.” See  Mesopotamian Civilization Facts | Digital Hammurabi

For most episodes of MQJ Megan will be interviewing me on a set topic.  Each episode will also include another shorter segment, sometimes a Q&A (Listener’s Questions); sometimes a one-sided rant on one of my hobbyhorses (Bart’s Soapbox); sometimes a “Stump the Expert” trivia section (Outsmart Bart); and possibly other things.

Maybe once a month or so I will be myself interviewing another scholar on a topic.  I’ve already set up the first one, with my friend, top NT scholar, occasional blog guest poster, and chair of the Dept. of Religion at cross-town rival Duke, Mark Goodacre.  I’m not sure what the topic will be, but I *am*  pretty sure it will be interesting.

The MQJ podcast will be available most anywhere you find your podcasts.  It will not be connected with the blog, but with the Bart Ehrman Professional Services.

SO, here’s where I need some assistance!   We will be recording our first sessions next week, starting Monday.  We need some Questions for the Q&A’s.  I anticipate being able to answer only 4-5 questions, depending on their complexity;  I will be addressing only questions *related* to that particular topic.   The questions I choose to answer will need to be short and to the point.

Here are the first few episodes we will be doing.  Do you have any questions about any of these?

If you want to propose a question (ones I don’t address on the podcast I will consider blogging on: this will give me some fodder!), DO NOT do so in a comment on the blog.  INSTEAD please send it to [email protected].  IMPORTANT: in the subject line of your email, put “Question for MQJ Podcast.”  So, the opening topics, one per episode:

  • Misquoting Jesus part 1 (autobiographical, Bart’s personal journey through faith and academia)
  • Misquoting Jesus part 2 (textual criticism, who changed the NT and why)
  • Canon (what is it, how was it formed and by who)
  • Forgery
  • Mark Goodacre interview (topic to be determined)
  • What are the gospels?
  • Women in the NT and early church
  • Is the NT true? (factually, historically)
  • Apocalypticism

I will be providing you with more information about the podcast soon.  I’m very much looking forward to it:  a new and exciting venture, to help spread scholarly understandings of the NT and early Christianity further afield among non-scholarly audiences!