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My Speaking Schedule for this Academic Year (so far)

I often get asked where I”m giving a talk next.  I do keep a listing on my website (www.bartdehrman.com), which has other information about my life and activities as well.   But, well, I haven’t been good this year at getting it up to date, until now.  (It was lost in the triage of my life….)  With Steven’s help, it’s now up and up to date.   Here it is, for anyone who’s interested.  And available, as well, even for anyone who is not.

All of these are open to the public (except, well, the two I’ve already done; they’re now closed to everybody).  Most of them require registration.  If you google the date and organization, for most of them, you’ll find the information you need to sign up.  If you have any problems or just can’t find it, just zap me an email at behrman@unc.edu.

I’ll probably be adding a few things here and there, at least in the spring.  If I do, I’ll keep you posted.


Sept. 7 Washington, DC “Four Controversies in Early Christianity” (4 lectures) Smithsonian Associates
Sept. 13 Quebec City Conference on Ancient Pseudepigraphy
“Literary Deceit in Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Christian Antiquity
University of Laval
Oct. 18 Chicago, IL Defenders Conference (on Evangelical Apologetics).
“Contradictions in the Gospels”
Defenders Conference
Oct. 25 Chapel Hill, NC Sexuality in the Bible LGBTQ Alumni Event
Nov. 1-2 Chapel Hill, NC Program in the Public Humanities,
“Four Controversies in Early Christianity” (4 lectures)
Carolina Public Humanities
Nov. 22 San Diego, CA Biblical Archaeology Society FEST “Guided Tours of Heaven and Hell” Biblical Archaeology Society
Nov. 23 San Diego, CA Nov. 23 San Diego Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, “Postmortem on the So-Called First-Century Mark Fragment” Society of Biblical Literature
Feb. 28 Chapel Hill, NC Program in the Public Humanities,
“Four Controversies in Early Christianity” (4 lectures)
Carolina Public Humanities
Mar. 14 Washington, DC “Heaven and Hell” (four lectures) Smithsonian Associates
Mar. 21 Sacramento, CA Bethany Church Slavic Pastor’s Apologetics Conference
“Did Jesus Exist?”
Bethany Church
April 14-24 Rome and
Southern Italy
(CONTACT ME if you want to get more information)
“Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire” (Flyer)
Thalassa Journeys

How Can You Still Believe? Guest Post by Judy Siker
Hey! Wanna Go With Me To Rome ?



  1. Avatar
    AstaKask  September 27, 2019

    Sexuality in the Bible sounds interesting. Maybe you could do a couple of blog posts on that?

    The Swedish School Board has decided that the children don’t need to study Antiquity in school anymore. As a historian, do you have a view on this?

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      Awful. Awful. Idiots who haven’t studied the past who see no value in studying the past. Blind leading the blind….

  2. Avatar
    Actual_Wolfman  September 27, 2019

    Dr. Ehrman,

    Do you ever sleep? *tongue-in-cheek* I missed you in Dallas back in 2015. From what I can see (and am guessing) you have no plans to come back to the DFW area anytime soon.

    Thank you for the blog!


    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      I’m a big believer in 8+ hours a night. And am far more productive now that I’ve adopted the policy (as opposed to all those years on 6 or less…)

  3. Avatar
    Stewiegriffin  September 27, 2019

    Is the chicago event a weekend long deal or a one day only?

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      It’s just one lecture and a panel discussion, in the midst of a conference for very conservative evangelical Christians interested in “apologetics” (i.e. defending the faith), meant to point out that EVEN BART EHRMAN believes Jesus existed….

  4. Avatar
    rivercrowman  September 27, 2019

    Great lineup!

  5. Avatar
    RonaldTaska  September 27, 2019

    I would be interested in learning more about the “Four Controversies.” Sounds like the making of a good book title.

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      They are more or less unrelated to one another, just four topics I thought were interesting (most of which I’ve talked about on the blog): Did Jesus Believe in Hell? Was Paul the Real Founder of Christianity? Jews, Christians, and the Battle For The Bible (i.e., Why Do Christians Have an Old Testament? And didn’t they more or less steal it from the Jews?). And “Does the Book of Revelation Predict Our Future?

  6. Avatar
    fishician  September 27, 2019

    I see you’re doing a talk on sexuality in the Bible. I’ve always been intrigued by Jesus’ statement in Matthew 19:12 “For there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mother’s womb…” It suggests to me that even in Jesus’ day they recognized that some people from an early age were sexually different, but there is nothing necessarily derogatory about it in Jesus’ statement. Isaiah 56:4,5 suggests eunuchs were looked down upon (they were excluded from the assembly, e.g.), but would some day be lifted up. I know you have posted things about sexuality, but ever addressed eunuchs in the Bible on the blog? I think their situation to some degree parallels that of the LGBTQ community.

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      There was a dissertation at Duke many years ago — I was on the committee supervising it — about that verse. The dissertation was all about how people became eunuchs in antiquity, that is, reasons and methods of castration and, well, even more severe forms of mutilation. It was an exceedingly uncomfortable study to read! But no, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about eunuchs in antiquity on the blog. Turns out it’s a kind of vast topic, and I don’t know lots about lots of it….

    • Avatar
      AstaKask  September 30, 2019

      There’s also Deuteronomy 23:1 “No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LORD.” (NIV)

      • Bart
        Bart  September 30, 2019

        Right! One of the most intriguing verses of the Bible!

  7. Avatar
    Miles  September 27, 2019

    Haha FYI the two dates in March are hyperlinked to the gospel of Mark. Feel free to not post this comment.

  8. Avatar
    forthfading  September 27, 2019

    Dr. Ehrman,

    Would you mind discussing why you will be speaking at an evangelical conference? At first glance it appears to be an unusual event for you.

    Thanks, Jay

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      It’s in the midst of a conference for very conservative evangelical Christians interested in “apologetics” (i.e. defending the faith), and they want to be able to claim that EVEN BART EHRMAN believes Jesus existed….

  9. Avatar
    Stephen  September 28, 2019

    1) Is the “Defenders Conference” thing a debate?
    2) Will the SBL “Postmortem” be recorded in any way? This might seem like an ‘inside baseball’ type discussion but it has ramifications that should be publicly discussed imo.
    3) How did they convince you to revisit Jesus Mythicism?


    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      1. No. It’s a bunch of very conservative evangelical Christian speakerss interested in “apologetics” (i.e. defending the faith), with me as an add-on meant to point out that EVEN BART EHRMAN believes Jesus existed…. 2) I doubt it 3) I won’t have to det into the weeds with the crazy mythicists.

      • Avatar
        RAhmed  October 15, 2019

        For the Chicago conference, the topic is “Contradictions in the Gospels”. So I’m assuming the others will be explaining these away and downplaying them. Are you going to be giving your perspective and/or rebuttals here or are you only there to agree that Jesus existed?

        • Bart
          Bart  October 16, 2019

          No, at this conference I’m not talking about whether Jesus existed — that’s a conference in the Spring, also of apologists. In this one I’m trying to show that contradictions do indeed occur in the Gospels and that they show that the Gospels are not always historically reliable. Whether they are *ever* reliable is a different question! (But of course I think they sometimes are!) (The trick is finding out where….)

  10. Avatar
    wannes  September 28, 2019

    “Postmortem on the So-Called First-Century Mark Fragment”
    Ouch, nice burn there.

    Do you ever get asked to do lectures in Europe?

    • Bart
      Bart  September 29, 2019

      Yup, but they are almost always either at small conferences or on tours (last summer I gave a talk in Marburg and gave several lectures in Greece and Turkey on a tour)

  11. Avatar
    LeeKrahenbuhl  October 3, 2019

    I’ve found your straightforward explanation of the criteria for NT historicity (early date, multiple attestation, dissimilarity, contextuality) incredibly helpful to my thinking about the NT world. Just a note that I’ve applied it to my own research, writing, and teaching of American theatre history and its intersection with American religious movements of the 19thC — and it’s an absolutely failsafe methodology. So… thank you.

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