These aren’t related to the blog per se, but, well, to me.  In case you’re interested….

1. As many of you know, I’m starting a podcast, Misquoting Jesus with Bart Ehrman.  In fact, it’s starting tomorrow.  We will be debuting with two episodes, the first that explain the title and a bit of why we chose it, how it relates to my life personally (my views of the Bible as they developed), and what it all means.  The second will be more specific about Christian scribes copying their texts.  My host is Megan Lewis, who is *terrific*; it includes Q&A (questions previously submitted on the topic) and a couple of other features..  You will be able to find it wherever you do your podcasts AND, if you prefer video, on my Youtube page.

2. Unrelated to that or much anything:  my editor from Yale University Press emailed me today to tell me that my recent book Journeys to Heaven and Hell has been chosen for the New Yorker’s “Best Books of 2022.”  An academic book??  Go figure.  But the book is indeed written not just for academics, and if you’re into ancient discussions of the afterlife, you may be interested in it.  (It’s very different in topic and tone from my trade book Heaven and Hell, despite the title)

3. I’m heading out of the country for a week and a half — doing two blog dinners in London! — but (almost immediately) when I get back I’ll be doing my online course “Finding Moses: What Scholars Know about the Exodus and the Jewish Law,” eight lectures over two days with Q&A at the end.  You can find out more about it at my website

Even though I’ll be on the other side of the pond, I’ll be tied closely to the blog the whole time.  And there are some interesting blog posts lined up.  I hope you enjoy them!