Have you signed up yet?  See the annoucement below.  I hope you can come!


We will be holding a blog fundraiser, donations voluntary, on Wednesday August 17, 8:00 – 9:15 PM Eastern Time.   It will be an Ask Bart Anything.  Any question on any topic is welcome.  If I am unable to answer, I won’t.  I can only think of a few things I’d be unwilling to answer, and I’m not going to tell you what they are.

We are raising money for the people suffering in Ukraine, and will split the proceeds between two of our charities: Doctors without Borders and CARE.   We are asking for voluntary donations of $30.  We would LOVE it if you could give more for this worthy cause.  Anyone who comes up with $30,000, I’ll buy you a Happy Meal.  But if you can’t afford $30, or can’t afford anything, we completely understand.  Give what you can, if you can, and come anyway!  All are welcome.

I will personally match the amount of donations we bring in up to $5000.

Moreover, if there are any individual donations over $1000, I will be happy to meet with the highest bidder for a 30-minute Zoom one-on-one, either immediately after the ABA or at any other  convenient time.


To get the link for the ABA:  send an email to Diane Pittman at [email protected]  In the email indicate the amount you are willing to donate.  Diane will then send you the link. (It may take a day or two.)

To make the donation:  Simply go to the blog site as you normally do, and at the bottom of the landing page choose whichever of the two options for making a donation you prefer (Paypal or Stripe); click on it and go for it.   However much you donate, you will receive a star in your crown.