In case you happen to be in striking distance of Wichita KS this week, and missed my announcement: there are still a couple of spots open for the blog dinner this coming Thursday (Feb. 22).  Here’s my original announcement.  If you can come, let me know!


I’m will be in Wichita Kansas to give some talks at the Plymouth Congregational Church ( on February 23-25, and have decided to come a day early in case anyone wants to do dinner with me on Thursday Feb. 22.    Anyone want to come?   It’s a chance to shoot the breeze with others about whatever strikes your fancy.

Thursday, February 22, 7:00 pm, place TBD (in Wichita).

The table will be limited to 8 (so we can actually all talk), so that means me and 7 others.

The only requirements would be that (a) it is for blog members only; (b) each one pays her/his your own way – both getting to the event and your meal itself.  Otherwise:  no expense, no requirement, and no expectations, apart from having a scintillating evening together.

If you want to come and know for sure you can, zap me a note ([email protected]). Do so right away: if past experience is any guide, the table will fill rather quickly.   If it doesn’t more fun for the rest of us.  If no one at all is interested, I get a free evening!!  Life’s good, whatever the options….