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Suggested Donation for the Blog

With this post I would like to request that everyone on the blog consider making a donation, above and beyond your membership fee.   I know that some of you simply cannot afford to do so, and that, of course, is absolutely fine.   Others of you simply do not want to do so, and that also is absolutely fine.   But if you have the means and the will, I would very much like you to consider my request.

My proposed amount is $20.   If everyone were to make a donation of that amount, we would stand a very good chance of reaching my desired fund raising goal of $100,000 for the year.   As you know, every penny that comes into the blog goes out to charities supporting hunger and homelessness.  I don’t keep a dime for myself, and I pay for all of the expenses of the blog out of my own pocket.

For some of you, $20 will be more than you can afford, but you’d like to give something.   So give $5.   For others of you, $20 is not a huge deal, and you can afford that.  For yet others, $50, or $100, or even much more (or much much more) would not really even be felt.  And so I would suggest that if you can give more, you do so, in order to make up for those who cannot afford anything; that in effect makes it a united effort with those who have filling in for those who do not.

My view is that this blog is unusually good value for the membership fees.   An annual membership is $24.95.   For that amount, you get 5-6 posts a week, almost always around 1000 words per post.   So, say the average weekly input that I create is 5500 words.   On average, that costs you less than 50 cents.  That happens every week of the year.

The topics are varied, so you are not reading the same thing all the time.  They range over a wide array of topics involving early Christianity and related areas, from the historical Jesus, to the apocryphal Gospels, to the manuscripts of the New Testament, to the writings of Paul, to the problem of suffering, to the development of Christian theology, to the Hebrew Bible, to … to lots of other things.

I often respond directly to your questions by posting on the most intriguing ones – sometimes an entire series of posts responding to one question or another.

In addition, there are over 8000 comments each year that come in from all of you, and I read each and every one and, if requested, make a brief response to it.

There is not another blog available anywhere, to my knowledge, where you get so much.   And all of that for roughly $2 a month.   I think it’s a fantastic value.

It is not only the privilege of communicating with you my thoughts, ideas, research, and responses that keeps me going.   That indeed a privilege — to be able to share these things with you and to entertain your questions and comments in response.   But that is not mainly why I do the blog.  I do it in order to raise money for charity.   That’s my ultimate goal.  Without that goal, I simply wouldn’t do it.   There are other ways that I can communicate my views and scholarship to the world at large apart from setting side time virtually every day of the year to work on the blog.   I could, for example, simply write books.   But the blog is a way for me also o try to achieve some good in the world.  And I cannot do it without your support.

I appreciate the fact that you have had to pay your hard-earned money to have access to my posts on the blog.   Now I’m simply asking that, if you’ve found that the blog really beneficial, and have the means to do so, you make an additional a donation, of any amount.  The charities we support, and I myself, would be deeply in your debt.

To make a donation, simply click the Donate tag at the bottom of the page, and go from there.   Thank you ever so much.

Yale Shaffer Lectures 1 of 3 – Christ Come in the Flesh
Freedom From Religion Foundation Lecture



  1. Avatar
    Wilusa  August 23, 2014

    Okay, Bart, I just donated $20! I’m not donating more because I recently donated $160 to a cause I personally believe in, and will probably wind up donating more to that cause. (I won’t name it here because it’s controversial.)

  2. Avatar
    Hank_Z  August 23, 2014

    Super post, Bart!

  3. Avatar
    shakespeare66  August 23, 2014

    I could no think of a better way to donate to your cause. I know that it is in good hands. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It is a pleasure to interact.

  4. Avatar
    FrancisDunn  August 23, 2014

    …ask and you shall receive…LOL

  5. Avatar
    James Chalmers  August 23, 2014

    You’ve inspired me to give $30 to GiveDirectly, a charity rated highly by Peter Singer and Givewell.com.

  6. Avatar
    Adam0685  August 23, 2014

    I added an additional monthly donation of a few dollars

  7. Avatar
    magpie  August 23, 2014

    Your blog is a great bargain and I have made a donation. Great posts, great comments and great charities. Thank you! I read and re-read posts and comments every day. Handy to have the lists of posts by topic so I can refer to the pertinent posts which relate to what I am reading or listening to in other media.

  8. Avatar
    J--B  August 23, 2014

    Dr. Ehrman,

    Your Freedom From Religion Foundation speech alone was worth the $20 donation, and to know that it is going to help those in need makes it gratifying to contribute.

    I just recently came across your website via “Killing Jesus” which a friend loaned to me, and which I had a hard time getting through. I had already purchased and listened to your Great Courses lecture series, The New Testament, which has been very helpful to me.

    I hope you keep up the good work educating the “wider audience”.


  9. Avatar
    gavriel  August 24, 2014

    OK. Challenge everybody.
    I sometimes ask questions when I cannot easily find them in any of my books, and a few times I have given lengthy counter-arguments (best way to learn something). You have asked us a lot about what kind of stuff we would like to see. What about us? Any recommendations for our postings?

    • Bart Ehrman
      Bart Ehrman  August 25, 2014

      It sounds like a good question — but I’m not sure exactly what it is. Do you mean for your comments, or for something else?

      • Avatar
        gavriel  August 25, 2014

        Apologize for my no doubt un-idiomatic English.
        What I ment to say was that i made a donation, and challenged everyone else to do the same.
        The final part was about what type of postings the blog members preferably should ask , in your view. Short questions ? Long expositions of posters own opinions on the current topic? Start a discussion with you? Always relating to the current subject? Or do you simply mean that we may say anything we like, and if you think it is interesting you produce an answer ?

        • Bart Ehrman
          Bart Ehrman  August 26, 2014

          I prefer short questions or comments that I can deal with directly — but you’re free to say or ask anything you like! Soon we’ll have a discussion forum up and running, where people can go back and forth with each other on any topic related to CIA that they want to pursue.

  10. Avatar
    RonaldTaska  August 25, 2014

    Actually, I follow about two dozen similar websites daily and your website is by far the best. It is not even a close call. I have, indeed, gotten “much” from it and am glad to make an additional donation. It is a “fantastic value.” I have found it amazing and courteous that you take time to read and respond to our comments and questions and that you blog so frequently about so many different topics. I love your books, videos, and Teaching Company lectures, but have learned far more from your blogs. Moreover, the length of the blogs is just right. It has been such a gift to have this source of information when in my experience it has sadly been almost impossible to get educated about such matters in churches.

  11. Avatar
    fultonmn  August 25, 2014

    1. Chipped in the $20.
    2. (Completely unrelated) is it pronounced papy-RYE or papy-REE for the plural of papyrus? I’ve heard smart people say both.

  12. Avatar
    alienvoodoo  August 26, 2014

    Hi Bart, just donated $50 to help…I am releasing an album of music later in the year and am planning on donating one dollar from each album sold to this charity. Thank you so much for what you are doing here!

  13. Avatar
    madmargie  August 26, 2014

    Is there any way to donate besides Pay Pal? I had a bad experience with them in my original donation. Instead of $25 a year, they charged me $25 a month. I knew I couldn’t do that so I contacted them and they refunded the second $25. But now I don’t trust them enough to make a new donation that way

    • Bart Ehrman
      Bart Ehrman  August 26, 2014

      I think you must have clicked the wrong box? But in any event, you could always just send me a personal check made out to the Foundatoin.

  14. Avatar
    rjbase89  August 27, 2014

    Discovered your work through The Teaching Company. I follow you on YouTube as well. I just recently discovered your blog.
    I have many questions that I would like to ask about the material in your lectures, but the intention here seems to be directed towards questions about a specific post. Is there a location on your site for more general inquiries? Thx

    • Bart Ehrman
      Bart Ehrman  August 27, 2014

      We may add a feature that allows that; for now the best thing to do is just to attach a question to a post — preferably one that is somewhat related, if possible.

  15. Avatar
    Gearyman  August 30, 2014

    Like your site, I am completely lost most of the time.
    Having once signed up, am I now to sign up again and pay again?
    I will but am a bit confused.

    • Bart Ehrman
      Bart Ehrman  August 31, 2014

      You just need to go to the blog website and read the postings. If you are still having trouble figuring it out, just send me a private email.

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