I have finalized my speaking schedule for the Fall semester (I’m 58 and I still organize my life according to semesters… ) and more or less for the Spring as well.   These are the events that are all open to the public; some charge for a ticket, others not.  If any of these is near you, simply google the sponsor and my name, and normally that will take you to any information you may need should you want to attend.

Two events in particular I want to highlight.   The first is a cruise in the Caribbean this coming January 18-25.  This event is sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society, and anyone who wants to purchase a place (and can do so) is absolutely welcome, whether you’ve ever been involved with or even have ever heard of the Biblical Archaeology Society or not.  Now, you may wonder what the Caribbean has to do with Biblical archaeology.   There is a clear and definite answer:  Nothing At All.   Well, except for the fact that the BAS is sponsoring the cruise.

On that cruise I am scheduled to give seven lectures, based on my book How Jesus Became God.  So, well, archaeology again won’t play a huge role.  But the Bible will!   If you have the cash and would like to come: do so!  The more the merrier.   This is the website that describes the trip and how to purchase a place:  https://travelstudy.bib-arch.org/seminar-jan-2015.asp

The second event is a partial cruise, this time up and down the western coast of Turkey.  When we’re not cruising, we’re spending inside Turkey, first for several days in Istanbul (one of the world’s great cities) and then in sundry other really interesting places.  This event is sponsored by the General Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – but the good news is that you do NOT have to be an alum of UNC to belong to their Alumni Association.  For a (truly) nominal fee you can join the association, and that allows you to come on the cruise, for a not at all nominal fee.

This one will be special.  Turkey is an amazing place.  I’ll be giving a number of lectures on early Christianity in that part of the world – it’s where the apostle Paul founded so many churches, among other things.   And for those who can afford the time and expense, there will be a five-day extension after the regular trip into the middle of Turkey to one of the absolutely most amazing places in the world, Cappadocia, where there are churches built underground and even (catch this!) *cities* built underground (the cities were built there in antiquity and are no longer inhabited, but we’ll be visiting one).   I’m completely pumped for this one.

This is the website for the trip: http://alumni.unc.edu/article.aspx?sid=10153

These are both pricey trips, I know, and very few people can ever afford such a thing.   But if you can, they are really very much worth doing.  When I’m not lecturing I’ll be hanging out with people who come for lots of face time.  If you can’t afford the time or money, hopefully I’ll be speaking close enough nearby that you can come to my talk and introduce yourself, face-to-face.  And if that can’t happen – there’s always the Blog!!

Anyway, here is my speaking schedule (so far) for the year, with Date Location Subject and Sponsoring Organization.

October 3; Los Angeles; Topic: TBA; Sponsor: California State Northridge

October 10-11; Cedar Falls, Iowa; Topic: How Jesus Became God; Sponsor: University of North Iowa

October 24-26; Queensbury, NY; Topic:TBA; Sponsor: Harrisena Community Church

November 6; Roanoke,VA; Topic:TBA; Sponsor: Hollins College

November 21; San Diego, CA; Topic: Are the Gospels Based on Eyewitness Testimonies? Sponsor:
Biblical Archaeology Society

January 17-25; Caribbean (Cruise!); Topic: How Jesus Became God; Sponsor Biblical Archaeology Society

February 6-7; Chapel Hill, NC; Topic: The Lost Gospels; Sponsor: Program in the Humanities

February 20-22; Wichita, KS; Topic: TBA; Sponsor: Plymouth Congregational Church

March 21; Washington, DC; Topic: Controversies in Early Christianity; Sponsor: Smithsonian Institution

June 2-21; Turkey (Cruise/Tour); Topic: Early Christianity in the Mediterranean; Sponsor: UNC General Alumni Assoc.