A couple of weeks ago I posted a debate that I had with Craig Evans, an evangelical Christian New Testament scholar.   That debate was held at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia.   The next night we had a second debate — on the same topic (!) but in a different location, at Acadia University, where Craig currently teaches in the Acadia Divinity College.   The topic, again, was “Does the New Testament Present a Historically Reliable Portrait of Jesus.”

I was hesitant to post this debate on the blog, since it’s on the same topic as the other one.   But I watched it and saw that I actually make my case differently this time, as does he.   So, what the heck — you can start watching it and if it sounds like old hat, you can stop!  But in a way it’s interesting how we changed our presentations, in no small measure because we had heard the night before what they other guy was going to argue….

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