Here I’ll continue relating what I told my New Testament class the last period, when I was explaining what I personally believed and why (for anyone who wanted to come).

For me, as I indicated in the last post, going to Wheaton College (Billy Graham’s alma mater) was a step toward liberalism.  Students there were not as gung-ho about the Bible – well, fanatical about the Bible – as we had been at Moody.  They were evangelical Christians, all of them so far as I could tell, yes, and they were committed to the inspiration of the Bible, most of them even the infallibility of the Bible.  But their academic interests almost always resided elsewhere.

That’s because Wheaton was a liberal arts college, and most students were majoring in English, history, psychology, biology, and so on.  The students I hung around with most were in fields like philosophy and classics and, of course, my own major, English.

I chose to major in English for a rather missionary reason.  I wanted to …

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