All the Christians I hear from around here say, “But we don’t know the hour and the day!” I don’t know if he is supposed to appear to everybody at once or if they will hear about it in the news. Those who believe in the rapture would be disappointed if they heard about it in the news. When I was a Fundy, I don’t remember being clear on this even though I tried.



Actually, this comment brings to mind something that I was planning on posting on anyway (this relates to “no one knows the day or the hour” when the end will come as Jesus says in the apocalyptic discourse in the Gospels). I mentioned earlier that in the 1970s, I and my fundamentalist friends were all fairly well convinced that Jesus would be returning from heaven soon – and in particular, before the end of the 1980s. That was in no small measure because we were devotees of the views set forth by Hal Lindsey in his blockbuster hit Late Great Planet Earth. I have heard that this book was – next to the Bible – THE bestselling book of the 1970s in English. It sold something like 30 million (count them, million) copies. The book was about what would happen, very soon, at the end of time, when the prophecies of Scripture came to be fulfilled before Jesus returned from heaven. (It involved war in the Middle East, a coalition of European states from which the Anti-christ would arise, the intervention by the Soviet Union, and then the Chinese, and then nuclear Armageddon….) And how soon would it happen – yup, before 1988.

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