With administration costs taking bites out of donated dollars I hesitate to give $s to unknown/redundant agencies which duplicate efforts and erode potential $s for receipients. Would ‘you’ identify the agencies being used by those contributing to your foundation? What % of donated dollars are spent on administrative costs per dollar received? …. I support what you are doing in the areas of poverty and want to know how wisely and through whom it is dispersed.


This is obviously a most important question!!   And I have gotten it, or something like it, a couple of times this week, so I thought I should deal with it here in the Public Forum.  As it turns out, I dealt with it once before, but it was a couple of months ago.  I will simply repeat a good bit of what I said then — so if this sounds familiar, well, save yourself some time and … read something else!

On the site itself I make it as  clear as I can that none of the funds that I raise line my own pockets.  But just to be sure everyone understands, do let me say again – I am not making a single penny from this venture.  It is all done to support charities that deal with issues of poverty, hunger, and homelessness.  There are NO administrative costs or overhead costs of any kind.  I am paying for all of that out of my own pocket.  100% of the money you donate goes directly to chairty.

Still people want to know, or may want to know, and certainly have the right to know, which charities, exactly, this Blog supports.  Again: fair enough.  I will eventually make this information part of the site itself .For now I can just give the simple information.

Funds raised from this site go to support four charities, two of them “local” and two “international.”

• The one nearest and dearest to my heart is the Urban Ministries of Durham, which is the agency that deals with hunger and homelessness in my own locale.   It is an absolutely amazing “ministry” (it is not religious in anyway; the term is used in the secular sense), and I wish I could do more and more for it.  Anyone interested in seeing what a local organization can do, and do brilliantly, should check out their work at — and please, donate some money!

• The other “local” is a terrific agency that deals with food distribution to the needy throughout my part of the state, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  They do an amazing job; the logistics sometimes boggle the mind.  You can see what they are about at

The other two agencies that the Blog supports are well known and do not need much comment from me.  I have supported their work for years and am a true believer in what they do.
• CARE.  Dealing with heart-rending problems with dignity and integrity:
• Doctors without Borders.  A bright light shining in our universe.

I deeply wish I could do more for these groups than I do.  But I hope the Blog will do some good in meeting the overwhelming and crushing needs that these groups all face and deal with.

If anyone has any concerns or issues with any of these groups or with the mission of the Blog, please let me know.  The CIA is always interested.  🙂

ALSO: It is possible for you to DONATE MORE money directly on the site.  Only a couple of people have chosen to do so.  But PLEASE consider it as an option.  We will take any donations of any size, gratefully.