I started feeling the tug toward agnosticism sometime during my PhD program.  I remember clearly a particular moment, and it was, somewhat ironically, while I was serving as the pastor of the Princeton Baptist Church.

Even though I was incredibly busy at the time (I was taking a full load of graduate seminars, preparing to take my PhD exams, serving as a Teaching Assistant for a class taught by Bruce Metzger, AND serving as the pastor of the church) I enjoyed the ministry very much.  Well, parts of the ministry.  I have never enjoyed transition rituals very much:  baptisms, weddings, funerals, and the like.  And of course pastoring a church involves doing such things.   And I wasn’t thrilled with visiting the sick – I was a bit out of my depth on that one.  But I did very much enjoy interactions with the people I worked with in the church, and I especially liked preaching nearly every week.

I remember thinking at the time, though, that …

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