A week ago today I finally sent off the very last and final version of The Triumph of Christianity to my editor.  It is done, as good as I can make it.  Now it will go to a copy-editor who will go over it line by line, word by word to make sure the grammar, punctuation, and even spelling is all correct, and to make suggestions for writing style as needed.   Depending on the copy-editor, sometimes there are tons of these stylistic suggestions, sometimes hardly any.

As an author, I much prefer the “hardly any” approach – it’s much easier on me and more, well, affirming of my writing style.  When I do get a lot of suggestions I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that the copy-editor is just doing his/her job and trying to make the prose better.  But I do hate that part.

I will then go through the copy-edited manuscript, approve or reject all the suggested changes, and return the book to the editor, for it to go into production.

The goal is to have the book published next year (2017) at this time, possibly at the end of November.  Then begins a new round of anxiety-producing-fun: seeing if it gets any media attention and public notice.

From beginning to end, the book-writing business is tense.  There is pressure…

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