I have been intermittently posting accounts of modern forgeries of Gospels that provide, as a rule, sensationalized information about the “lost” records of Jesus – for example an account claiming he traveled to India as a young man to learn his wisdom from the Brahmins, or another purportedly based on an eyewitness to the crucifixion.

Here now is yet another, this one an allegedly official copy of the death sentence from his trial, written by Pontius Pilate himself, in Hebrew no less.   It’s amazing how gullible modern readers can be.  But for a long time now, many people have simply assumed that if they read something in a tabloid, hey, it must be true!

Critical scholars, however, have no trouble demonstrating when these things are forgeries.  One could only wish that such critical skills were shared by the reading public at large (and not just those interested in early Christianity!).

Again, I have taken this discussion from the final chapter of my book Forged.



The Death Sentence of Jesus Christ

One of the striking and, to many people, surprising facts about the first century is that we don’t have any …

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