My plan had been to return to the blog in full force when I got back to the States but, well, I’m a little slow on the uptake.   We got back late Saturday night, and I decided to blow Sunday off.  Actually, I watched the golf tournament all afternoon.   Half way through I started feeling odd.  By the end I wasn’t good at all.   Stomach virus, probably.  Brought it back with me from Israel.  As did several other guys on the trip – four men, and none of their wives (including mine) affected.   Very strange.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better now but not quite 70% yet.   And I’m finding that I have little mental, as well as physical, energy.   SO, what I would propose is that this would be a very good time indeed for some of you to raise some questions for me to address on the blog, about anything having to do with the New Testament, the historical Jesus, the history of early Christianity, or anything else of relevance.   I imagine I’ll be lagging for a few days still, but it will definitely be easier for me to answer questions than to dream up things to say on my own.   So feel free either to raise anything of interest here by commenting on this post, or by writing me a private email.   I probably won’t be able to answer everything, but I’ll certainly deal with questions / issues that are particularly interesting to me and about which I have some competence.

If you’ve asked questions before and I haven’t gotten to them, feel free to try again.