This Saturday at 3:00 I will be giving a fund-raising lecture for the blog on Gospel stories about Jesus as a boy, both as found in the New Testament (there’s not much said about it there) and from outside in the terrifically interesting “Infancy Gospels.”  Now here are accounts you didn’t hear in Sunday School.

This is the second in a three-part series on Jesus according to the Christians.  You do not have to have been at the first one either to come or to understand this one — it is a stand alone lecture, with a good ole Aristotelian beginning, middle, and end.

All the funds we bring in will go to help pay for blog expenses, so we can continue to give every dime of membership fees and regular donations to the charities we support.  The fee for the lecture, if you have not already paid for it, is $10; or if you are paying for both this one and the one the following week,  the fee is $19 total.  We accept more than the requested fee of course!   (The lecture next week: where was Jesus and what was he doing between his death and resurrection?  It’s another “missing period” in Jesus’ life discussed in other Gospels…).

This week’s event will last for about 75 minutes.  I will lecture for 45-50 minutes and then take questions for 15 -20.

ALSO:   I am offering the HIGHEST BIDDER an additional 30 minutes with me after the lecture, one-on-one, just the two of us.   AND, there is a chance to bid for a full hour Zoom with me DEADLINE JUNE 4!!  See details below.

Here’s the full scoop on the event:

June 5 (3:00 pm Eastern) Lecture Two.  Jesus the Wunderkind.  The Divine Child in Christian Legend: 

The New Testament Gospels provide us with precious little information about Jesus as a boy.  But what was he like?  What did he do?  Did he already have supernatural powers?  Was he mature enough to control them?  Later Christians told stories that still survive, both entertaining and instructive, intriguing accounts of Jesus the Wunderkind.


The lecture will be on Zoom.   Getting the link is very simple.  :

  • If you have NOT ALREADY made your donation for the lecture, first do so.  Go to the blog site and at the bottom of the landing page and you will find two donation options: PayPal or Stripe (the latter is for credit cards).
  • If you’ve already paid, or have just now paid:  Send an email to Diane Pittman, our head of operations, at [email protected] indicating the amount you have paid.
  • Diane will then send you the link for the lecture.

Easy schmeazy.   We’re obviously on the honors system here.  But since we are talking about the NT, you know what happens to those who cheat.  If you don’t, read Acts 5:1-11.  😉

IN ADDITION:  Would you like to have a 30-minute one-on-one with me after the lectures?   That opportunity will go to the highest bidder.  Would you like the chance?  Bidding starts at $200.  Send your bid to [email protected].

AND IN ADDITION: Would you like a full hour with me, one-one-one, on Zoom?  The winner and I would simply set the time between us.  We will take bids from now until June 4 midnight.  Bidding for this one starts at $500.  Again, send your bid to http://[email protected].

I very much hope you can come to the lecture.  If you know others who might be interested — family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances — please let them know as well.  I will try to make the talks as informative and interesting as I can.