As some/many/all? of you know, we are getting ready to relaunch the blog with a completely new rebuild that Steven Ray, my able and talented assistant for all these years, has designed — after he had come up with the original one eight years ago.  He has been keeping the old one going with bailing wire and duct tape.  The new one looks *great*.  We hope to roll it out soon.   And I’ll explain it all to you even sooner, before it happens.  I think you’re going to agree, it is terrific.

Before we can do it, I have to have some of my old posts reclassified into a few of the new categories that I have devised (to supplement the old ones).   I need a volunteer to do it.  It will take some hours.  No clue how many.  If I have several volunteers, even better.  I won’t go into all the details here: simple story, it will involve looking at an old post, seeing what it’s about (you wouldn’t need to read the entire thing!), and assigning it to the right category.   The vast majority of posts are already fine and won’t require a thing to be done.  Others will need to be categorized.

Are you interested in looking into the possibility?  That is, would you like to hear more about what it entails, *before* committing to anything?   If it’s an option for you, let me know.  Not here, as a comment, but in a private email.  [email protected]

Many thanks!  We’re looking forward to the roll out!