Now HERE is a happy announcement.

I will be giving lectures on a tour to my favorite place in the known universe, Tuscany, on October 21-29, 2022.  That is, in  less than five months.  WHOA!  Wanna come?

It will be a small group (no more than 18 folk, I should think), we will be spending time in Florence (which has more culture per square foot than anywhere in the cosmos); Siena (which I like even better); and surrounding towns/villages (that take your breath away).

In addition to the lectures, I’ll be hanging out with the people who come, day and night.   A good bit of that time will involve pizza, pasta, gelato, and, for those inclined, some of the best wines in the history of the planet.

This is with Thalassa tours.  Interested?  Here is the brochure.  Check it out: just click on it and you’ll get the full scoop.  And any questions, let me know.