I have just finalized the deal.  I will be giving lectures on an amazing trip to Greece and Turkey this coming June, 2019, with a company called Thalassa Journeys.  The theme is centered around the journeys of the apostle Paul, and is called “St. Paul in the World of Late Antiquity: Civilizations and Faiths in Transition.”

For the trip we go to some of the key places in Paul’s missionary work:  Thessaloniki, Philippi, Ephesus (staying on the Isle of Samos!), Patmos (connected of course with John the author of Revelation, rather than Paul: but it’s in the area and is an important site!), Athens, and Corinth.    On the trip I’ll be lecturing on various aspects of Paul’s travels and teachings, and will be hanging out, of course, with other travellers the whole time.   The itinerary and planning all look truly great.  You interested?

If so, CLICK HERE to download the brochure.  I think you’ll agree, it looks terrific.  Anyone connected with the blog (or anyone else who sees this who can claim to be a “friend or follower of Prof Ehrman” (!) can receive a discount of $300 per person for reservations made by January 15.

I hope some of you can come.  It looks like a first-rate trip, to important and interesting places in a great part of the world.