As the blog has developed and grown, administrative needs have increased, and we are all very fortunate indeed that there is a devoted group of Volunteers pitching in to make this a success.  We simply could not be doing this without them.

Now with the launch of the new site, more opportunities and needs are presenting themselves, and I will be soliciting more volunteers for more tasks.  Just now there are two areas that are most pressing.

SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR:  I need an assistant who can use their skills on social media to promote the blog.  This would be someone who is deeply conversant with, comfortable with, skilled with, and connected with that universe, or rather that multiverse.  If that is you, and you would you be interested in hearing more, please simply send me an email indicating your interest, and we can talk about what it all might entail:  [email protected]

  • TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY BOARD: As we expand we continue to find numerous challenges and opportunities that involve technology.  Steven has brilliantly set up the blog site (both the original and the current!) and he runs and manages it with impressive skill and dedication.  And now new opportunities and possibilities are presenting themselves for which I have to make decisions.  I would like a small board of advisors to provide me with broad input.  This would be strictly advisory and it would not be onerous in terms of time commitment.

I would like the board to be diversified in terms of skill sets.  We will be looking for people who have training and experience in various areas directly connected to running a high-level website.  If that makes sense to you, you have the training and experience, and are at all interested, go to this link to give us a bit of information about yourself!

Many thanks to all, volunteers past and present.