In my last post I discussed two things that get under my skin in professional contexts, making me blow my top (to mix the metaphor):  ignorance posing as expertise (not just in biblical studies but generally) and facile answers, by “experts,” to the biggest personal/philosophical/religious problem people have to face, why there is suffering in the world if there is an all powerful and loving God in charge of it.

As I pointed out, I have no problem with people in general not knowing lots of things.  I don’t know massive amounts of things.  But I at least acknowledge it and try not to pretend to be an expert in something I have only a casual knowledge of.

And I have no objection to people having answers that make sense to them, explaining why they themselves, or those they love, or the millions of people they don’t know experience such misery and pain, suffering in extremis.  I do object when people who claim to be experts spread simplistic answers to difficult questions without bothering to think deeply about them.

In my post I was discussing a podcast I did with a Muslim author (he’s an American who converted to Islam) who wanted to explain why suffering is simply not a problem for someone like him.  Let me stress as strongly as I can, I have no problem with Islam or with Muslims, including converts to Islam, any more than I have any problem with Christians, Jews, Bahais, Hindus, Buddhists, or anyone else.  I have problems with apologists who present themselves as thinkers when it appears they haven’t thought much.

In my previous post I mentioned that this fellow wanted to argue that

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