Did Jesus’ followers actually follow his teachings?  In my previous post I pointed out that Jesus had a radical ethic, a view based on the teachings of Hebrew Scripture but radicalized because of his understanding of the apocalyptic event very soon to occur with the end of history as he knew it.  As we know from history, those who expect the End soon can behave in extreme ways (sell the farm!).   Jesus’ teachings, as I indicated, are, in shorthand, “prophetic ethics on apocalyptic steroids.”

How did his followers carry on his teachings?  That’s what I deal with here, as I continue to excerpt a sketch of my book that I myself wrote for me myself (I won’t start writing the book itself for some months probably.  Still have work to do).  Here I explain the book’s basic plotline, theses, and organization.


The ultimate argument of my book is that after Jesus’ death,

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