I mentioned yesterday that I have now sent in my manuscript on The Triumph of Christianity to my editor at Simon & Schuster.  It occurs to me that readers might be interested in knowing how the editorial process works.  I know I was almost completely ignorant of the process when I first started publishing books.   My unreflective thought then is that once I would finish writing a book and editing it as best I could, the process would be more or less over, without much left to do.  Wrong.  The process goes on and on and you think it’ll never end!

So leading up to this point I have written the book.  That itself was a long process with a large number of stages.  I started by accumulating bibliography on the topic, reading the classics in the field, finding new books and articles that needed to be read, reading those, discovering other books and articles that had to be read, reading those, and so on.   On everything I read I took notes, so I could refer back to my notes to recall all the important and key points, and then reread portions of a book if necessary.

After doing that till I had read and noted everything that I was sure was relevant to the book, I worked through all my notes, made an outline of the book, expanded the outline, made it into an outline of each chapter, expanded each outline of each chapter by thinking through how I wanted to say things and reviewing all my notes to make sure I included everything I wanted to.

And then I wrote the book, one chapter at a time.  My procedure is usually to …

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