In my previous post I mentioned the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas, a text that assumes Judas Thomas was actually Jesus’ twin brother.   Here I can describe the book itself, where the idea that the two are *identical* twins appears to move along the plot in a rather humorous way..  Here is what I say about the matter in my book Lost Christianities.




The Acts of Thomas narrates the adventures of Thomas, Jesus’ brother, in his missionary work on the way to and in India.  The plot is fairly basic.  The apostles draw lots to decide who will go to which region of earth to spread the gospel.  The lot for India falls to Thomas, who tells his companions that it is the last place on earth he wants to go: “Wherever you wish to send me, send me, but elsewhere.  For I am not going to the Indians!” (Acts of Thomas, 1).

The ascended Jesus, however, has other plans for his mortal twin.  An Indian merchant arrives …

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