Dear Readers and Fans of the Blog:

I have gotten a number of comments/complaints about trolling and thought I should just tell you my policy in case you think I should change it.   I have two competing principles that I try to keep in balance on the blog.  On one hand, I want readers to say what they really, genuinely think and to have a chance, then, to air their views.  On the other hand, I don’t want simply to post snide comments by people trolling.  And so the rather informal policy I’ve adopted is to post negative comments (so that I’m not censoring) two, three, or four times as they come to me; after I’ve had enough, I warn the person; after that I simply don’t post their comments.

Does that sound reasonable?  Or do you think I should (a) simply not post negative comments; (b) post absolutely every negative comment I get; or (c) something else?

The reason I’m concerned is that you, the readers, drive the blog, and are its raison d’être.   I write my posts for you, not for me, and to attract more people like you onto the blog.  So I don’t want people turned off by my policies.

Speaking of which: please do what you yourself can in order to help the blog.   We are a little behind our fund-raising goals for the year at this point, and I want to be *ahead* of them!  Please tell your family, friends, neighbors, business associates, acquaintances, teachers, students, pastors, rabbis, imams, doctors, dentists, plumbers, builders, and, well, anyone you know about the blog and urge them to join.

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ALSO: please consider donating to the blog (Also easy: click “Donate” at the bottom of the page).   All donations are completely tax deductible, and without them we simply can’t meet our fund-raising goals.   Our main goal this year is to do better than last year!  That’s going to take some doing, but is well-possible, if you will help.

Many thanks to you all for your advice and support!  May we continue to thrive!