Are sex acts other than those between a man and a woman “unnatural”?

Very few people ever bother to reflect on what the term “natural” means or how one decides what an “unnatural might be – and what makes it unnatural.  Almost everyone simply assumes that we each have a conscience; that our consciences basically tell all of us the same things; that there are some things we know are wrong, without needing anyone tell us; and – for a large segment of the population — certain gender identifications and sexual activities are simply “unnatural” and therefore “wrong.”

Sometimes arguments are invoked, but usually arguments are not actually thought out and reasoned; they are simply ad hoc constructions designed to convince people who are already convinced.

Most commonly, at least in the world I grew up in, the argument against same-sex relations, for example, was simply about the plumbing.  Men aren’t made to have sex with men or women with women.  It’s just kinda biologically obvious, right?  Penises were made for vaginas.

The variant on that argument is

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