I regularly get comments on one of my posts from a member who is having some kind of technical problem — for example, only part of the post shows up for them, or they can’t seem to access something etc.  (Other people have problems with what I actually *say*, but that’s a different matter….).   Sometimes there are indeed technological problems that arise.  What to do?

The VERY BEST thing is to contact our help staff.  I won’t get to your comment a day or so later, and the problem is almost always individual, not system wide.  So there’s not much I can do to help in response to a comment, even if I did have the wherewithall to deal with the technological details.  (As Groucho once said, Why a four-yearold child could understand this …! Run out and find me a four-yearold child, I can’t make head or tail of it.”)

So, are you haveing a problem? Click on HELP and contact support.  Someone will get in touch and figure it out for you.

If there are even bigger problems about the blog — or suggestions you have to make the blog better — do feel free to contact me!