New Archaeological Discoveries and the Bible! Readers Mailbag April 16, 2016

Today I address two interesting questions on the weekly mailbag, one about the new archaeological discovery in Israel and the other on whether in my last book I violated my own advice about requiring only experts to write for popular audiences.  If you have a question you would like me to address, let me know!



Does the latest information on the discovery of written texts from before the removal of the Israelite’s to Babylon indicating a wider level of literacy ...

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Getting a First Book Published

I regularly get emails from people who want to break into publishing for the first time, who ask me “How can I get my book published?”  As I indicated in my previous posts, almost always what they have in mind is not a work of scholarship for scholars but a trade book for a general audience.     And so here is a weird fact about me: even though I have been publishing trade books for eighteen years, I’m not completely sure ...

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Who Should Write Trade Books?

Most people who contact me about a book they would like to write – or that they have written – are not talking about a work of scholarship (though some are); they are talking about a book that they would like to publish that “reaches the masses.”  They have some ideas about early Christianity, the historical Jesus, the life and writings of Paul, the Gospels, the entire Bible, or some related topic, and they would like to publish a book ...

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Being Qualified to Write a Scholarly Book

The goal of this thread is to talk about the book that I’m working on now, which I hope to have written (gods willing) by the end of this calendar year.  We’ll see.   To get to that I felt like I needed to talk about how I had changed publishers, and now that I’m talking about that, it occurs to me that I should talk about how one goes about getting a book published.

One of the emails I get *all* ...

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Why I Have Moved to a New Publisher

In my previous post I began to talk about how I have now changed publishers.  This past book Jesus Before the Gospels, was my last with HarperOne, and now I have a two-book contract, for the next two books (obviously), with Simon and Schuster.   A couple of readers have inferred that I have left Harper because I did not like the way they had handled my most recent book.  That’s not the case at all.  I made the decision before ...

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The New Edition of My Textbook: Reader’s Mailbag April 10, 2016

Here is this week’s Reader’s Mailbag (well, last week’s; I took yesterday off from work) (and it was glorious!).  This time around I will be dealing with just one question, about the new edition of my New Testament textbook



You say you first published your textbook on the New Testament about 20 years ago. I see that it is in its 5th edition (or more?). You’ve studied a lot, published a lot, no doubt learned a lot



Actually, as it turns ...

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Publishing with HarperOne

Now that I’m in the deep throes of research for my next book, I thought it would be a good time to devote a thread to it.  It’s what I’ve been thinking about day and night — and reading voraciously on – since this past August!  To explain it all, I need to provide a bit of personal background.

The point of this post:  I have decided to change publishers.   The book that just came out last month, Jesus Before the ...

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Evaluating My Debate on the Book of Acts

I have now completed my posts on the debate I had with myself in front of my New Testament class on the question of whether the New Testament book of Acts is historically reliable.   If you want to see the whole debate, just read the posts in sequence: the affirmative speech arguing Acts is indeed reliable; the negative speech arguing that it is not; the negative rebuttal of what the affirmative side said; and finally the affirmative rebuttal of what ...

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Our Fourth Anniversary!

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of our blog.   We began this little venture back on April 3, 2012.   Happy anniversary to us!

In thinking back on the past four years, I have lots of things to reflect on, as this blog is a rather complicated affair.

For every single week over these four years I have made 5-6 posts, on average 1000 words in length; I have read and added comments made by readers (I post almost all the comments, deleting only those ...

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HNN News Story on Jesus Before the Gospels

Below is an article that I published for the History News Network, based on my recent book Jesus Before the Gospels.  Enjoy!!


Historians/History article featured on HNN (History News Network) posted 3-18-16:

Are the Stories in the Bible About the Last Days
and Hours of Jesus True?

by Bart D. Ehrman

The season of Lent has come upon us, the time when Christians focus their devotional attention on the last days and hours of Jesus. ...

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