On the Blog Itself


I am taking a moment out from a hectic life (who *doesn’t* have a hectic life?!?) to think a bit about the blog, and how it is going.   Here are just a few reflections.

  • We got it up and running at the beginning of April, so we have been at it now for just over five months.
  • My goals at the outset were to disseminate knowledge about the New Testament and early Christianity as much as was within my abilities, ...
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Another Take on Jesus’ Existence

Some readers have objected to my insistence that New Testament scholars, on the whole, do not take seriously the claims of the mythicists that Jesus never existed.   I have always stressed that Jesus’ existence is known (and can be demonstrated) by thousands of New Testament scholars.  But I have also always stressed that scholarly consensus on this issue is not in itself *evidence* (my detractors among the mythicists seem to overlook this little point, when they claim that I argue that ...

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Sad News: The Passing of Marvin Meyer

Yesterday was a sad day for me and for biblical/early Christianity scholarship.   Marvin Meyer passed away, the victim of melanoma.  He could not have been old – maybe in his early 60s.  He was a superb scholar and one of the most generous, affable, energetic, personable scholars you would ever hope to find.  Marvin was the Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies at Chapman University and Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute

I knew about Marvin’s work for ...

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Bible Intro: Nearing the finish line

I am happy to say that I have nearly finished writing the rough draft of my Introduction to the Bible;  those of you who have been on the blog for a while know: this is a college level textbook (so, written for 19 year olds) for a one-semester course on the Bible, Genesis to Revelation.  I’ve actually enjoyed doing it.   In preparation I spent a couple of years teaching  the Introduction to the Hebrew Bible course at ...

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Always Looking for MORE!!

Dear Devotees of the CIA :-),

      From where I sit, this blog is going very well.  On average about two new members join a day.  That may not seem like much, but at $24.95, a pop, over time, it adds up to some serious money for charities dealing with hunger and homelessness — which is what is driving my efforts in the first place.   But as I’ve indicated before, and will indicate yet again, time and time and time again, I ...

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So Much For THAT Idea….

My plan over the next three weeks was to write the seven chapters of my Bible Introduction.   The best laid plans….   On the theme of “life sometimes interferes” I was presented yesterday, to my chagrin, with two tasks that require my attention, right away.  Both of them unpleasant.   Ugh.

As I have indicated on this blog, I have a couple of books in the publication pipeline.  One is The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research, which I am ...

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Accessing the Squirrel

      Some members wrote me to say they  had trouble accessing the second (and most interesting!) part of the Metzger and the Squirrel story a couple of days ago.  Sorry not to respond sooner; I’ve been galavanting hither and yon.  The mistake was mine (I hit a wrong button when posting the story), but it has been corrected, and you should be able to access it now.

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Possibly of Some Interest


Some of you may get the magazine Biblical Archaeology Review.  It often has interesting stuff in it, for
the non-specialists.  Here’s the announcment of a recent article of possible interest.

Biblical Views: The Value of Methodological Doubt

Ron Hendel Defends Critical Biblical Scholarship


What’s the use of critical Biblical scholarship? If you asked evangelical Calvinist philosopher Alvin Plantinga, he’d probably say “not much.” He compares the endeavor to mowing the lawn with nail clippers. Instead he believes only in the inerrancy of ...

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The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men

Another tidbit from my Bible Introduction.  Old news for a lot of you, I know.  But it’s fun to write this kind of thing up for college students, who have never heard of such a thing!


One of the most mysterious and even bizarre stories in Genesis happens right at the beginning of the flood narrative, where we are told that the “sons of God” looked down among the human “daughters,” saw that they were beautiful, and came down and had ...

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My Bible Introduction

As predicted, I began work on my Introduction to the Bible yesterday, and it has been as intense as expected.   This is to be a fifteen-chapter introduction of the entire Bible, Jewish Scripture (= Old Testament) and New Testament, Genesis to Revelation (including Apocrypha).  What a scream….

The really difficult thing for this book – as for every book – is to make it just right for the audience.  My audience in this case is not readers at Barnes and Noble ...

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