I hope all of you are well and staying away from viruses.  As it turns out, just now I’m reading On the Beach, a fantastic 1957 novel set in 1963 about what happens “after the war,” when the northern hemisphere has destroyed itself with a massive nuclear exchange, and the people of Melbourne are waiting as the radiation cloud is slowly heading their way over the course of months, with nothing to stop it.  (I’m reading novels like this, and watching comparable films, as I’m thinking about my next book Expecting Armageddon.)    Suddenly this morning I realized (duh!) how timely it is, mutatis mutandis.  Maybe I’ll blog on such things.

But for now!  Our new companion Corona has disrupted many of our lives and is certain to disrupt virtually all of them.  Please accept my hopeful thoughts that the disruptions you experience are merely inconvenient and not debilitating, either physically, financially, socially, or emotionally.

Some of my immediate trips and lectures have been cancelled (well, postponed for a year or so!), and I wanted just to let you know in case you … wondered.  Some are still going on.

Those of a public nature:  My lecture at Baylor on March 31 is cancelled.  My UNC tour to Rome April 14-21 is cancelled.   My lecture tour in Sweden April 24-31 is not yet cancelled, but I’ll be amazed if it is not soon.

SO FAR the following are STILL scheduled to be held.

  • Smithsonian all-day seminar on Heaven and Hell, this weekend, Saturday March 14.
  • Book readings:
    • Washington D.C. Politics and Prose bookstore, April 1, 7:00
    • Chapel Hill, NC, Flyleaf bookstore, April 2, 7:00
    • Pittsboro, NC (Fearrington Village), McIntyres bookstore, April 4, 11:00 a.m.
    • Durham, NC, Regulator bookstore, April 5, 2:00
    • Raleigh, NC, Quail Ridge Books, April 6, 7:00
    • Waynesville, NC, Hart Theater (sponsored by Blue Ridge Books), April 9, noon (ticket required; includes lunch)

I’ll let you know if more get cancelled/postponed.  Keep safe!