As is my wont, I was in England for Spring Break, and while there I was invited to participate in a radio program devoted to my book How Jesus Became God (as I’ve indicated before on the blog).   The program was set up to be a radio “debate,” or, well, “friendly exchange of ideas” (it was the latter more than the former) between me and Simon J. Gathercole, who is a Senior Lecturer in New Testament at Cambridge University.  Simon is one of the five contributors to the response book How God Became Jesus.   He is a bona fide and serious New Testament scholar, whom I respect and with whom I heartily disagree on many many issues!  🙂   The program was “Unbelievable,” a weekly program on UK Premier Christian Radio hosted by moderator Justin Brierley, a bright and interesting fellow, not a scholar but well acquainted with scholarship.  He, like Simon, is a reasonably, but reasonable, conservative Christian.  The “debate” involved two segments, both taped on March 29th, 2014.   The following is the first of the two.

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